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Budget hotels in Mumbai

Budget hotels in Mumbai Mumbai is very popular for its terrific standard of living, quick-paced routine of the people and of course, the creation or obliteration of dreams. Mumbai is a multi- artistic city. It is now gradually transforming into the most westernized city that makes this place as a significant pedestal for overseas trade and businesses . Regrettably, you

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Budget Hotels in Agra

Inexpensive hotels in Agra Since Agra city is a prominent tourist destination, hotels in this metropolis are pricey. However, if you do some research and prepare yourself to search for a good accommodation in Agra city, you may enjoy your whole vacation (or business trip) with ease. There are some budget hotels in Agra where you can get good value

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Optimum hotels in Agra city

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world is a real treat for your eyes. The moment you see the magnificent Taj Mahal, you will be overwhelmed by its beauty, charm and splendor. The unique architecture of Taj Mahal is simply superb. Planning a visit to Agra to see the world famous Taj Mahal and other famous destinations

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Budget hotels in New Delhi

A major concern of the tourists who visit India has been the shortage of high-quality, reasonably priced lodging. In particular, the prices of the hotels in Delhi are sky rocketing these days . There are only limited choices available and they have been restricted to some five-star extravagance hotels that costs around $200 for one night stay. However, some transformations

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